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A Success for My Israel in the Struggle against BDS Financing
We managed to stop a huge discount for BDS organizations and those who boycott Israel.Read more
Minister for Diaspora Affairs, MK Omar Yankelevich, toured Gush Etzion and met with Yesha Council leaders; Shlomo Ne'eman, Mayor of Gush Etzion region, Israel Gantz, Mayor of Benjamin region, Yochai Dimri, Mayor of the South Hebron Hills region, Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, Head of Hebron’s Jewish Community, and Yesha Council CEO, Yigal DilmoniRead more
Special Survey on Sovereignty
A public opinion poll conducted on July 1, 2020 by the Rafi Smith Institute for the Yesha Council, a representative sample of 600 adults of Israel’s Jewish population, shows very interesting data on the application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and Jordan Valley regionRead more
In Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley there are about 10,000 recognized heritage sites spread throughout the areaRead more
On the occasion of Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan leaving his position at the head of the Central Command, we held a farewell event that included all the mayors of Yesha communities, including a tour of the Hasmonean palaces in Jericho, and a lunch meeting in Kfar AdumimRead more
We held a working meeting with Defense Minister and Prime Minister Alternate MK Beni Gantz and Minister of Civil Affairs MK Michael BittonRead more
We find ourselves presently at a most significant time, when a historic decision can be made to apply Israeli sovereignty in parts of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.Read more
Over the past two weeks, in the context of “Yisrael Sheli – My Israel” we have embarked on a campaign opposing the release of terroristsRead more
A special desk has been set up at the Yesha Council to implement an information campaign in Eastern Europe and to absorb the immigration of Jews from Russian speaking countries.Read more
On Lag Ba'omer hundreds of US students who attend the “Consortium of Jewish Day Schools” network participated in 12 live virtual tours, held simultaneouslyRead more
"Deal of the Century"
For the past several weeks we have been studying President Trump's peace plan, “Peace to Prosperity”.Read more

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